Cornerstone Christian Academy is a distinctively Christian school that has partnered with Kingsview Freewill Baptist Church in South Oklahoma City. CCA is a non-denominational school.

Importance of Christian Education

Basic literacy and the spread of the Gospel of Christ go hand in hand, but we are not keeping pace. The decline of literacy in the United States represents a serious threat to the Biblical Christian community.

Christian school education has a feature that is simply not available in any other form of education anywhere in the world. A Christian school is the only academic institution where the Evangelical Protestant witness to students is central to its mission. That fundamental mission is encouraged by the Board, the administration and the teachers; it is encouraged by parents and most often by the students themselves. Martin Luther said, “I would advise no one to send his child where the Holy Scriptures are not supreme. Every institution that does not unceasingly pursue the study of God's Word becomes corrupt."

Christian schools offer a better than average learning environment. They have a sustained record of achievement test scores that are significantly ahead of most non-Christian schools of the nation. The only educational alternative to Christian education is non-Christian education. Non-Christian education, of course, does not conform to Biblical standards for the education and training of young people. Some will disagree, but we firmly believe that God did not intend for children of believers to attend schools where the philosophy of the teachers and the daily course of study are contrary to Biblical values. The only Biblically supported education alternative for Christian parents is to send their children to Christian schools. Non-Christian education is for non-Christians.

Christian schools offer an “expose” and “teach” method of instruction. If you are a Christian believer, you will agree that God's Word, the Bible, is the final authority on truth.

Jesus said, "Thy word is truth." - John 17:7

Therefore, we say that all truth is God's truth. Christian school education teaches truth and exposes untruth. For example, we teach students the Biblical account of creation because it is true. We expose students to evolution and present it as false because it fails the Biblical test. We teach that the monogamous marriage of a man and a woman is God-ordained. We expose the fact that homosexuality and lesbianism are "abominations" in the eyes of God (Leviticus 18:22, Romans 1:26-28). Our students learn right from wrong and how to hate sin while showing love and grace to the sinner. Students in secular schools are legally sheltered from that kind of training. Christian school education represents a broader, more complete, form of instruction.

Worth is a very important ingredient in the development of a Biblical self-image. One may not be worthy but they have worth in God's eyes. It is so important for us, today, to communicate that worth to our children. People are looking for leaders who know who they are and that their wholeness only comes through Jesus Christ.